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Ginny Weasley & Neville Longbottom ~ Un Peu de Ciel ~ Complete

“Well it's been a long time, glad to see your face.
I knew we'd meet again, another time another place.
Can't believe it's been so many years.
You'd better grab a chair and a couple of beers.”
-Jo Dee Messina
Friday, January 13th ~ Early Evening

"Sodding jumper! Where is it?!" Clothes were flying through the air as Ginny barrelled through still packed bags. Unpacking meant she was staying at The Burrow, at that was the last impression she wanted to give, especially to her Mum.

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Remus, Harry, Neville, Ginny and Vera || The Three Broomsticks || Complete

If your work isn't what you love, then something isn't right.
Thursday, January 12 || Late afternoon

There was nothing quite as comforting as a bustling pub on a cold afternoon.

Groups of men discussed the weather. Couples sat across from each other, holding hands and smiling. A belligerent old man huddled in front of the fruit machine, going for the next big win and daring anyone to take his place.

Old Granny Waterdown sat at one end of the bar, allowing herself the customary single sip of firewhiskey as she finished each row of knitting.

Molly, behind the bar, ran her fiefdom like a queen, keeping a close eye both on her customers and the servers.

Slightly apart from it all, Remus sat in a corner and watched the crowd slowly move, listening to conversations and generally allowing himself to belong as a part of humanity.