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WWN Hallowe'en Broadcast

A spider crawled across my face,
Spreading its web on the human race …
Mama Loi, Papa Loi
I see fire in the dead man's eye
Saturday, Oct. 28 ~ Nightfall to dawn

"... Get your fun in while you can, because a cold front will be settling in tomorrow. Tonight will be a busy night across the land, with pubs packed and parties in full swing.

"And why do you think it is, my dear listeners? Just because the holiday proper falls on a weekday? Oh, no, I hardly think it's that simple.

"Hallowe'en is Tuesday. All Hallows' Eve, Samhain, the night when spirits may breech the barrier between their world and ours with ease.

"Let all the good little witches and wizards have their fun tonight. Make it your own. For Hallowe'en ... does not belong to us."
Harry and Daphne

Daphne, Harry, Severus and Ginny ~*~ Hogsmeade ~*~ Complete

Running Errands
Sunday, October 15th ~*~ Afternoon

Rather than spend the afternoon hidden away in her flat or Harry's house, they were out in Hogsmeade to run a few errands and pick up the invitations to Harry's party.

Then they could hide, Daphne thought with a smile.

They passed by her restaurant and she couldn't help but feel a tingle on the back of her neck, almost like someone was talking about her. Daphne shook the feeling off and continued to walk down the street with Harry, laughing and talking for another few minutes before the tingle came back.

"I need to go check on something, I'm sorry. I'll be right back, won't be more than a minute, I promise. I'll meet you right here." She leaned closer and pressed a kiss to his lips before darting away.
not saying

Percy, Ginny and Arthur ~ Percy's Flat ~ Complete

How sharper than a serpent's tooth it is to have a thankless child!
~ William Shakespeare
Saturday, October 7th ~ Evening

It hadn't taken much effort on Arthur's part to ascertain exactly where the Ministry had placed Percy and he had the address to his son's flat the morning after the press conference. He'd waited, wanting Percy to come to them on his own. He'd also watched Molly mother those around her even more than she normally did. And the cooking! It overflowed the counters and threatened to expand Arthur's waistband through his desire to keep her happy. He was actually considering sending the next bowl of her special icing to Bill since he'd had it every day for the last week.

Enough is enough, Arthur decided when he saw Molly head for the kitchen in the Three Broomsticks with the determined smile on her face. Telling Georgette and Charlie that he was going on an errand, he left quickly while Molly was otherwise occupied. It didn't take long for him to find and knock on Percy's door.

Daphne & Ginny ~ Daphne's Flat ~ Complete

"I'd rather be mad with the truth than sane with lies."
-An anonymous psychiatric patient and poet
Thursday, September 7th

The last thing Ginny expected was an invitation from Daphne Greengrass - for anything. Sure, there had been the small party for Vera and they'd managed to get along at Harry's while he was off in one of his huffs, but this was - just the two of them. A social call? Ginny doubted it. A veiled attempt to get her alone for a solitary cat fight. Ginny doubted that too, didn't seem Daphne's style. Which left...what? Some kind of official truce?

Oh, Blondie would kill me.

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Daphne, Ginny, Izabel and Vera • Vera's quarters • Complete

I have no idea what's been going on lately
And I just wish you'd come over and explain things
Thursday, August 31 • Afternoon

Upon reaching her quarters, Vera immediately went to the dumbwaiter to call up a tray for tea.

"I'm sorry, ladies, for cutting the day short. Here you are, going to so much trouble — Daphne taking off from the restaurant! — and I step all over your plans."

She felt like a right muppet.

Her friends had shown up at her door for a bit of belated birthday celebration. But when they'd been in the midst of Gabby's shop, surrounded by lovely things she still didn't feel quite like wearing yet, Vera had felt a bit like a fraud.

"Thank you for taking me out, though."

Castwide ~ Hogwarts ~ Complete

Experience is a dear teacher,
but fools will learn at no other.
~ Benjamin Franklin
Tuesday, August 29th ~ Evening

The Great Hall has once again been temporarily revamped. The long student tables have been removed and round ones accompanied by comfortable dining chairs have taken their place. They dot the floor under the enchanted ceiling, the soft ivory tone of the linen covering the table tops invite you to sit and enjoy yourself.

It's been a year since the re-dedication ceremony and six years since the Dark Lord was finally defeated. This is an evening for reflection, celebration and if Minerva will allow it, more than a few glasses of good wine with friends, both old and new.

Severus and Ginevera -- Snape Cottage -- Complete

The hippogriff in the room.
Sunday, August 27th -- Evening

Severus managed to get home first. Home.

When had he begun to think of the cottage as a home rather than simply the house he lived in?

I suspect it was right around the time Ginevra moved in. You do remember this is only temporary, don't you, Snape?

He remembered. He just didn't particularly feel like thinking about what would happen when she left. How quiet and cold the cottage would feel once more. How annoying the damn Dog would become, moping around looking for her.

Severus shook his head and let Claudius in, before opening the ice box and contemplating what to make for dinner. The prospects were dim.

"Eggs and toast it is."
What did you say?

Ginny and Vera • The Three Broomsticks • Complete

Moods don't command you if you don't know what you're going through.
Sunday, August 27 • Afternoon

The Healers and a few concerned others had recommended she leave the castle earlier, but until today Vera's considered opinion had been that they could go stick it. Finally, though, she'd gotten sick of her own waffling on the matter and had settled on the Three Broomsticks as the place to begin her reintegration into society after a week of self-imposed exile.

And so much for that plan, she thought, looking around the mostly empty pub. Ah, well. Better to start out slow.

Vector claimed a seat and spoke to someone rummaging through boxes beneath the bar.

"If you've a bottle of wine down there you've been saving for emergencies, Arthur, break it out. I've come to find solace in a bottle, and I won't settle for anything ordinary."

Vera looked up from arranging her robes so they wouldn't be wrinkled when she got off the stool just in time to see the person on the other side pop back up.

"Oh, Ginny. Sorry, I thought Arthur was working today." She smiled, embarrassed. "I could still use that wine, though."