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Minerva and Various ~ Hogwarts ~ Complete

Beauty is all very well at first sight;
but who ever looks at it when it has been in the house three days?
~ George Bernard Shaw
Monday, June 26th ~ Afternoon

Unsettled and very unhappy with the visitors who had decided to camp out on Hogwarts grounds without so much as a by-your-leave, Minerva had returned to the castle after receiving Filch's owl about the 'infiltrators'. She hadn't actually met any of the Fae yet, but had received reports of what had occurred during the festival.

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Various ~ Greg's Birthday At The Three Broomsticks ~ Complete

Birthdays are good for you. Statistics show that the people who have the most live the longest.
Larry Lorenzoni
Wednesday, June 21st ~ Evening

Everything was set up and ready to go, the pub now decked out in western flair. Draco still wasn't sure what the purpose of the mechanical bull that had been set up in the back room was - but he was more than willing to watch the waiter's jean clad thighs clench as he demonstrated.

I wonder if he rides everything that well?

As the man was thrown, Draco checked his watch and went out to greet the people starting to arrive.

Various ~ Black Orchid ~ Complete

We Are All Born Naked And Screaming And If You're Lucky That Sort Of Thing Won't Stop There
Friday, June 2nd ~ Evening

"I have no idea who is screwing who so just check them in like they say and then send them to the ballroom. Oh!" Draco's eyes widened slightly and he leaned over to talk to the manager in a hushed tone, "If a Ron Weasely or a Daphne Greengrass check in send them out to the stable." He smirked and his grin fell slightly. "Well - only if she's alone. Idiot would get pissy otherwise."

Leaving the man with his final instructions, Draco made his way back to his accommodations - only the best of course - to freshen up, he had an entrance to make after all. So far things were moving along nicely - the staff was well trained and had easily accepted the booking of a Wizarding Proctologists Convention - allegedly to keep the press away, actually to keep his family away and the ruse seemed to have worked. Not to mention it provided him with endless personal amusement.

Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me...


Adrian and Luna ~ Her Flat ~ Mature Audiences ~ Complete

Seize the moment.
Remember all those women on the Titanic
who waved off the dessert cart.
~ Erma Bombeck ~
Saturday, May 20th ~ Early Evening

"Oh, blast!" Luna exclaimed as she ran through the billowing clouds of smoke to the small kitchen. "Don't do this to me. He's going to be here any minute and the package said 8 to 10 minutes..." Her voice trailed off as she realized she hadn't set the little timer thing on the oven after all.

What's a half-hour more or less.

A lot when it comes to dinner rolls I guess,
she decided as she pulled the baking sheet out of the oven and tilted her head to see if there were any salvageable ones.

"The birds won't even eat these," she muttered to herself as she let them slide off the tray into the rubbish bin.

Various cast * Hogwarts and the Forbidden Forest * Complete

Where secrets lie in the border fires,
in the humming wires
Hey man, you know
you're never coming back
Friday, May 12th/Saturday, May 13th * The Witching Hour

The corridors of Hogwarts were still, except for the occasional ghost or House Elf, and in their dormitories the students safely slumbered.

But in the staff meeting room, chaos reigned.

Professors in various states of alertness — some groggy and in nightdress, others prepared and eager to go out and face the night and whatever might be in it — had answered their Headmistress' summons.

( Firenze stood and watched Madame Pomfrey attempt to calm the Flying instructor. )

Various cast || Hogwarts || Complete

In this house of broken things
Everyone could use some help
Monday, April 17 || Afternoon

Unbelievably, unexpectedly — it had been a quiet week. All that worry, and nothing. Remus had slept without interruption the past few days for the first time in months.

Perhaps the werewolf had seen them resetting the wards after all, and had moved along.

Lupin didn't think so, however. And judging from what Bill was saying, he agreed.

A note materializing on Remus' desktop halted their pessimistic musings.

"The staff's been summoned to an emergency meeting." Lupin looked up. "Want to bet our furry friend's involved? Let's go."

Luna and Adrian~ A Little Bit of Everywhere ~ Complete

Almost nobody dances sober,
unless they happen to be insane.
~ H. P. Lovecraft ~
Wednesday, April 12th ~ Afternoon

Her intentions were good. She had planned to have half of her inventory set up by lunchtime, but Luna hadn't counted on herself. Each new box that was opened revealed half-forgotten memories, people she had called friends for a time before moving on to the next promising location.

Gretchen. She gave me this.

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hey now

Adrian and Luna -- Hogwarts -- Complete

How You Doin'?
Sunday, March 12th -- Afternoon

It's Sunday, I should be doing... stuff. Adrian's mind kept wandering away from the papers he was supposed to be grading. Potions class shouldn't have papers assigned... I wonder how mad the students will be if tell them I "lost" the papers so they'll just have to do some sort of... project to get the grade. Too mean? They're kids, they got time. I don't want to read anymore papers.

His pity party was interrupted by a knock at his door.

Yes! Sweet distraction.

Opening the door with a grin, Adrian decided he had never been happier to see Luna.

"Hey there. You're right on time for your study session," he told her with a wink before inviting her in.