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Ron Weasley

Ron and Harry -- The Three Broomsticks -- Complete

There's Always the 'Sticks
Monday, June 12 -- Late Afternoon

"..You see the thing about my cat is that, despite how much it spazzes out and jumps around like it's taking magic mushrooms and seeing fairies, it's cute. Women love cute cats and so it's like a free pass into Cooty Ball land. Which is why if the both of us were still single and not such push overs for our women, I would recommend getting a cat." Ron finished telling Harry his advice before taking a drink.

"Of course, the cat is a bit of a Peeping Tom so that's not a bonus. And we have our women so my advice is rubbish, but hey it's the thought that counts and yadda yadda yadda."

Ron had really missed having a drink with Harry, like old times. Like a year ago. They would go to the bar, scope out the women while drinking and exchanging advice. And now look at the two of them, talking about cats as a last resort for some advice. Although really, Ron was doing the talking about cats.
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