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Various -- Owls and Rose's Parent's house -- Complete

Did I Do the Right Thing?
Monday, June 5th -- Afternoon

She was tired of this, tired of sleeping all day only to wake up feeling unrested. Tired of staying up all night reading her books just to take her mind off of how tired she was of having nightmares. Tired of only seeing her parents when she left her room to shower or when they finally sat her down and told her that she was a guest and their guests ate three meals a day and nothing less.

Rose was tired of feeling sorry for herself and so that night she set her alarm clock and made herself get up at a decent hour. Then she ate breakfast with her parents before going outside for a walk which helped her not be such the drama queen.

It was her first time being outside since she had visited, she didn't want to go out at night. It was also the first time since she had visited that her skin felt any sort of sun on it.

After lunch, her mind wondered back to her friends in Hogsmeade and she wondered if she had just sucked it up and stayed there if she would have been alright. Thinking of how she had just ran away made her feel cowardly, but when she thought of how uncaring it probably was for her to just leave Viktor too, that filled her with such an enormous amount of guilt she could hardly bare it.

Sitting in her parent's library instead of locking herself up in her room, she knew she should owl Viktor, along with other friends she was missing.

Dear Viktor,

I've owled you before telling you I missed you and it's still true today. Sometimes I can't believe I left because I miss you so much and I've been wondering if I really do need this, to get away I mean. This is the first day since I've left that I've actually felt close to my normal self again but I wonder if maybe I'm just deluding myself.

Sorry, I don't mean this to be a pity letter about myself. Now I can't think of what to say, I never knew I was so pathetic that all I can write about is what makes me pathetic.

I'm really tempted to come home right now but I know I shouldn't write that because it probably won't happen so soon. I honestly have no idea what to do and I was hoping maybe you could offer words of comfort, but then it'd be cruel to put that sort of pressure on you.

Look at how selfish I'm being, I haven't even asked yet how you are doing. I really hope you're doing well and getting a lot of rest because a smart friend of mine told me you should throw me a private coming home party. I thought I should pass on the idea.

Missing you, thinking of you,


Dear Izabel, Daphne, and Vera,

I hope you three are doing great. I wanted to owl you three and pass on the news that the slow recovery is... going slower than I thought it would but it's happening.

I thought I'd just send you each the same letter so I don't forget something in any individual ones. I really hope you three got out of the apartment alright. Next time we get drunk maybe we should do it closer to the ground, if that makes sense.

Vera, I passed on the news to Viktor about a private party. If he likes the idea, and between us I bet he will, I will have to get you something nice... well I will even if he doesn't. There's a really cute shop I passed this morning when I went out for a walk that I think is new, but it has gifts and such so expect surprises you three for a great going away party.

Missing you all,


Rose had been thinking of getting Draco a dress, but that was when she was really bitter and tired and upset and not acting like herself. She got snarky when she was tired, but now she was getting better. She would play nice.

Dear Malfoy,

I'm sorry I couldn't make it to your party. I wanted to thank you for going out of your way or getting dragged off to help save me twice. I'm sorry I called you a girl too... So Happy Birthday.

Wait a minute, I remember what it was you said to me, oh yeah you just brought out the worst of me that day. Well, forget it buddy, you are getting the dress I already bought for you and then sort of decided I liked how I looked in it.

Dear Malfoy,

Sorry I couldn't make it to your party, but Viktor and I still got you a present don't worry. We thought maybe you could use something that wasn't so... blue like your other one.

Happy birthday and enjoy,


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