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Horace and Minerva - Hogwarts - Complete

On the prowl
Saturday, June 3rd - Evening

All the little kiddies were tucked safely in bed - Morgana help the little brat that he caught out in the halls at this point - and Horace only had one thing on his mind.

Oh, yes.

He'd seen the way Minerva had been looking at him lately, with that coy faux-disgust that was clearly masking her intense desire to feel the full force of his physical love.

Tonight was the night. Now all Horace had to do was find where his little vixen was hiding. This game of cat and mouse was making his blood boil.

True, in the past he wouldn't have given Minerva a second glance but beggars can't be choosers who was he to deny someone so full of passion a chance to be with the man of her dreams, if only for one night.

And it couldn't hurt his chances of getting a bigger suite next term, either.

Horace smoothed back what was left of his hair and reached for his breath spray. Several squirts and a lip smack later he was off to hunt for the woman he'd begun to call Miss Kitty, if only in his thoughts because he was pretty sure she would dismember him if he ever said it out loud.
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