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Bellatrix Black Lestrange

Bellatrix and Harry * The Phoenix * Complete

Destiny is an absolutely definite and inexorable ruler.
Friday, May 27th * Early evening

The streets of Hogsmeade had changed. Improved.

The fires had burned away the most grating of the poxy little shops. Those which remained were in the main still contemptible, but all good things in time.

The villagers, at least, remained the same. Either they bowed and scraped as they encountered their betters as they should — Don't worry, mudlings. Your quaint little town will continue to evolve, have no fear. — or they were wise enough to stay silent and out of Bellatrix's path.

It was good to be out again. A free woman, walking among the toys.

But today was not for amusement, sadly enough. No. Nor was it for showing these debased cattle what it meant to be a wizard.

Her sister was troubled.

Bella would not stand for that. And since the Ministry's red tape had finally relinquished what was hers, she no longer had to.

Bellatrix entered The Phoenix. An interesting place. Yes, quite interesting.
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