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Buford Croaker

Croaker, Dung and Daphne -- Un Peu de Ciel -- Complete

What's this whole world comin' to
Things just ain't the same
Any time the hunter gets captured by the game

Friday, May 19th -- Evening

Fletcher was proving difficult to track. Finding the thief's name had been relatively easy, Croaker still had contacts at the ministry who owed him favors. Narrowing down which scrawny malcontent had made off with his belongings had taken only a few visits to the petty theft and "ill-thought out" scams division.

Actually getting his hands on Fletcher was another matter entirely.

Croaker pushed his plate away and leaned back in his seat to light his cigar. He ignored the pointed glare of the women at the table next to him and, when some blonde waif came to tell him the restaurant was a non-smoking establishment he simply raised a brow and continued to enjoy his after dinner cigar.

Back to the matter at hand: Fletcher. I've followed him this far, he'll show himself at some point and then I'll have him.
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