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Draco, Seamus and Oven ~ Draco's Penthouse and Seamus' Flat ~ MA ~ Complete

When You've Been Through Everything I Have, Paranoia Is Merely A Precaution!
Friday, May 19th ~ Early Morning

Draco twisted over on his side, drawing one of his pillows closer as he blearily cracked open one eye to see where the noise - was that a cackle? - that had awoken him came from.

Eh. It's just Oven, passed through his sleepy brain as his eye closed again. And sprang open, fully this time.

"Fuck!" Came from the floor on the other side of the bed as he tripped over his blankets in attempting to flee.

"Back to hell, demon! Back to hell!" The sound was slightly muffled by the carpet pressing into his face, but the sentiment was there.

Where the hell is my - fuck! On the nightstand. On that side of the bed.
Tags: draco_malfoy, mature_audiences, seamus_finnigan, winky

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