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Izabel, Remus and Poppy || Hogwarts || Complete

And now I need an oasis
A place to hide from the day
I'd like a little dark tiny room
Where the music plays
Saturday, May 13th || Evening

The Aurors were every bit of fun that Remus had expected, and then some. Even with McGonagall there, the questioning and tests had gone one for what seemed like ages.

Lupin wasn't sure they realized how lucky they were that Minerva didn't just Transfigure the lot of them into stoats. She had certainly looked tempted a few times.

When they finally seemed satisfied about what had happened in the forest, it was well past time for dinner in the Great Hall. Remus stopped by his office for a quiet meal alone, thinking some more.

He still hadn't made a final decision about what was to happen tonight — but it wasn't as if it was totally up to him anymore. He left, and walked through the corridors of Hogwarts until he was at the door to Izabel's quarters.
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