Daphne Diane (Greengrass) Potter (are_you_daph) wrote in __lightning__,
Daphne Diane (Greengrass) Potter

Daphne and Dung ~*~ Un Peu de Ciel ~*~ Complete

Every move you make, every breath you take, I'll be watching you.
Saturday, April 28th ~*~ Afternoon

The lunch crowd was finally starting to thin out and Daphne was all smiles. Business was doing well, even counting the monthly anonymous donations to the war orphans the restaurant was beginning to run steadily in the black.

She stopped to check on a couple who had arrived during the lunch rush. They seemed young and in that slightly awkward stage of new love and Daphne couldn't help but bring them something special she'd made the day before while thinking of Harry, complements of the house of course. Judging from the way they were gazing at each other by the time they were finished, the chocolate tart had served its purpose. More importantly they also left a large tip for their waitress and promised to return soon.
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