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Harry and Daphne ~*~ Un Peu de Ciel/Harry's Home ~*~ Complete

The Kitchen?
Sunday, September 4th ~*~ Early Evening

Checking the clock, yet again, showed Daphne that it was a quarter to five. As she finished packing another container into her favorite basket she looked around the busy kitchen. The restaurant wasn't scheduled to close for another two hours and - a quick glance at the clock - ten minutes and Daphne was nervous about leaving. It would be the first time she'd left her business, her baby, alone while it was open. Who knew what could happen while she was gone?

One of her cooks noticed her worried expression and waved a ladle at her. "We'll be fine, Daphne. I swear, if something happens or if a food critic from the Prophet shows up, I'll personally set off a fire alarm and evacuate the place. And then you won't have to worry about a bad review."

Daphne snatched the ladle out of his hand with a grin and stirred the thickening sauce herself. "That's not funny, and you'll do no such thing." Handing the utensil back, she touched his hand briefly. "Thank you. Now get back to work before your boss catches you goofing off and gets cranky."

His laughter followed her as she grabbed her basket and carried it through the swinging doors into the dining area. Daphne paused to look around. She had done this, made her dream a reality. She liked to believe her father would have been proud of her, had he lived... Swallowing hard, Daphne left the basket near the hostess station and absentmindedly smiled at the blonde on her way to her tiny office. There were a few last minute things she needed to do before she went to look at Harry Potter's kitchen.

Daphne shook her head and closed the office door behind her, still not sure how she managed to let her self be talked into this little excursion in the first place. She was aware of the smile she couldn't quite get rid of.
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