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Rose, Vera, Daphne, Gabrielle, Ginny and Luna ~ Hogsmeade ~ Complete

I try to take one day at a time,
but sometimes several days attack at once.
~ Ashleigh Brilliant ~
Wednesday, April 26th ~ Later Afternoon

Shutting the shoppe door behind her, Luna looked at her hands and winced. Even to her, they didn't look good. Not at all.

Ewww. When did my nails get all jagged-like?

I wonder if it was when I was arguing with the Worry Stones and the urns about what shelf they were going on?

Luna pondered this as she finished locking up and then looked at her right hand again.

Did I see something move under that one?

Shuddering slightly she turned and headed in the direction of the beauty shoppe that had opened a week or two ago.

Nope, there's nothing there. Those old stories about the souls of the dead inhabiting the bodies of the violators aren't true - merely something to keep me from buying the urns. In order to bury someone, they would have had to enlarge them a great deal. No one wanted them, that much was obvious since they'd been there so long they were full of dust.

Strangest looking dust I ever saw too.

Opening the door, Luna smiled as she spotted Daphne and Vera. She started to raise her hand and wave, but thought better of it.

Not until I get a manicure or something.

"Hello. Here to test out the new facilities?"
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