Mundungus Fletcher (dung_bombs) wrote in __lightning__,
Mundungus Fletcher

Theo and Dung - Hogsmeade - Complete

A homecoming of sorts
Wednesday, April 26th - Afternoon

Dung stubbed out his cigarette and thought longingly of the pipe packed safely away in his bag back at the inn. He'd been in a hurry to meet his contact and hadn't wanted to take the time to find it.

"Where are you? I've got t'ings ta do, can't be lurking 'bout waitin' all day," he grumbled under his breath, still trying to blend in with the rest of the afternoon crowd at the Hog's Head. He'd chosen a booth in the back, near the almost hidden back door he'd discovered on a prior visit when a quiet, unobserved exit had been needed.

Long, nimble fingers dug into his cigarette pack for another smoke.
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