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Severus and Ginevra -- The Phoenix -- Complete

Welcome to my own personal hell. There are biscuits.
Thursday, April 20th -- Evening

"Really, Miss Anderson, you didn't have to bake for me. Really." I insist.

Somehow Severus managed to hold his tongue as the twit winked at him - Winked - and made a show of bending over to put her tin of sugared bribery on his desk, her inappropriately short skirt riding up far enough that he felt his stomach turn. Anderson wasn't inept with her wand work, barring something tragic she would probably even make it through the class with a passing grade. The problem was her mother. Mrs Anderson was convinced her daughter was going to end up a spinster and was determined to marry the poor girl off to the first man she could manage to snag.

In other words, hell would freeze over before Severus made the mistake of eating anything she offered him. Potter seems to have a sweet tooth. Or Weasley. I think I'll just leave those in the lounge.

"What? I'm sure if you hurry one of the others from your class would be more than willing to escort you home if you're worried. Safety in numbers and all that. Good evening, Miss Anderson."

Severus stood in the doorway of his classroom until the woman gave up and wandered down the hall in search of a less stubborn victim.
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