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Hermione & Ron - Ron's House - Incomplete

Simple Escapes

Tuesday, April 18-- Late night

Hermione removed the double chocolate chip biscuits from the oven and set them down to cool. She wiped a bit of flour off her nose with her sleeve and stole a glance at Ron. Turning from the fresh baked goodies, she approached the bread dough on the counter and sunk her hands into it, feeling it squish between her fingers.

"I hope I'm not keeping you from anything, I just had to get out of Hogwart's for a bit. This is much more pleasant than grading papers," she smiled a small smile. "Plus, smelling muggle-style baking really calms my nerves. Not to mention kneading the dough. It's quite theraputic, you know? I guess, because I remember baking with my mum. Did you ever bake with your mum?"
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