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Doris, Severus, Ron and Harry ~ The Phoenix ~ Complete

I don't have any solution,
but I certainly admire the problem.
~ Ashleigh Brilliant ~
Friday, April 14th ~ Late Afternoon

The last class of the day was over. Harry had refused to set up any classes for the instructors on Friday evenings and he was doubly glad now. Closing the door of his office behind him, he headed for his desk intent on getting the few things taken care of he needed to before heading out to the Broomsticks for a much needed drink.

He had learned a few things the hard way the first day of classes. First and foremost on the list - never, ever look at a note that a student handed you in front of the other ones. They were stuffed in his pocket to look at later.

I wonder what kind of notes the other ones are getting? he wondered idly as he pulled them out and then sat down hard in his chair.

Good, Gods. Is that even possible?

I gotta show this to Ron,
he decided while leaving the rest of the notes and moving toward the door. Failing to find him in his office, Harry decided to see if Doris knew where he was and quickly went down the stairs to her office. Knocking briefly, he stuck his head in the door.

"Doris, have you seen Ron?"
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