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Sirius, Remus and Izabel ~ Hogwarts ~ Complete

Love is not blind - it sees more, not less.
But because it sees more, it is willing to see less.
~ Rabbi Julius Gordon ~
Thursday, April 13th ~ Evening

Izabel had waited outside the room after giving Remus a hug and kiss. She hadn't stayed the whole evening last month, mostly because she didn't want Sirius to feel 'pushed out' or get the mistaken idea that she was threatened by his presence. The latest development, however, made her a little less worried about infringing on their time together. With Sirius as Padfoot, the circumstances had changed slightly. And she did so want to see the wolf inside the man she loved.

Will he know me? Will I be able to touch him? I should have asked Remus. Why couldn't these things have occurred to me before he changed?

Because I've got too much time on my hands right now,
she decided with a slight chuckle at her own expense. She'd been leaning against the wall when Poppy emerged and the look the other woman gave her worried Izabel for a moment, but when Poppy smiled she decided her imagination had been working overtime. When the Healer advised her it was alright to go in, she mentally shook a finger at herself.

Calm down. You're being silly, she decided before pushing against the stones to straighten her posture and walk back through the door. Her eyes moved to find him, lighting first on Sirius, laying near the bars and then toward the cage.

"Gods," Izabel whispered as she sank down on her knees next to Sirius. "Remus. You're beautiful."
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