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Doris Crockford

Doris, Draco and Harry ~ The Phoenix ~ Complete

Man needs difficulties;
They are necessary for health.
~ Carl G. Jung ~
Wednesday, April 12th ~ Early Afternoon

There were adjustments to schedules, people dropping some classes and other people wanting to sign up even though they would be missing a few. They vowed they could catch up and although she was skeptical, Doris obliged when she could. Between juggling those requests, making sure that the work on the dormitories was moving along properly, keeping the supplies filled for the instructors - which included their tea breaks - And why no one told me that would be part of my duties I don't know, she had been kept very busy. Too busy to notice that Mr. Potter wasn't in the best of moods. She had observed that he wasn't smiling nearly as much as he did before classes started.

When he walked into her office, her eyebrows rose slightly. Thunderous was the term that came to mind when she looked at his face.

"I'm almost afraid to ask," Doris advised as she tilted her head. "Someone take the last chocolate biscuit you wanted?"
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