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Charlie Weasley

Bill, Charlie - Bill's cabin - Complete

Moving in
Sunday, April 9th ~ Late afternoon

Pacing outside the Burrow, Charlie found it a bit strange to be relieved as he looked at his packed things. He didn't have many things, just a few bags and a couple of boxes. In a way, it stung as it showed that he didn't own much in this place he called home. Most of his belongings were still in Romania and he wasn't quite sure he was looking forward to going back there. But from a more practical point of view, he had to admit that at least, it wouldn't be a pain to carry all this to Bill's.

So Charlie stuck to being practical as he waited for his brother to arrive. Much less complicated, after all. And he wasn't the brainy one of the family, so there was no need for him to start over-analyzing himself.
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