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Narcissa Black Malfoy

Bella, Narcissa and Severus ~ Malfoy Manor ~ Complete

A friend is one who knows us, but loves us anyway.
~ Jerome Cummings ~
Wednesday April 5th ~ Evening

Narcissa was not altogether pleased with the way things had been going lately. The Ministry still had not fully released Lucius, Bella's wand or given any indication when either of those two things would occur. Her solicitors swore they were doing all they could, but she didn't fully trust them either.

They're probably afraid Bella will hex them for getting her out of Azkaban. They're probably right, but I can always find new solicitors if the need arises.

The knowledge that Draco had assisted Sirius in leaving the Manor was another stitch in the conspiracy she was sure was intended to make her life more difficult. There had been no trace of the stupid man and she had been counting on his presence to placate her sister.

I do hope Severus is on his best behavior tonight. Without the release of training the puppy, I really should drug her for dinner, but it would make the conversation quite dull and she does have a superior edge to her tongue when she's lucid.
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