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Remus Lupin

Bill and Remus || Bill's cabin || Complete

I go visiting, I talk loud
I try to make myself clear
Saturday || March 25 || Early evening

You can only tramp through the woods for so long. The light fails, and you start to hear things that aren't necessarily there.

So Remus gave up. Again. Just as he'd had to do each time he'd attempted to find any trace of the other werewolf stalking Hogwarts.

Unwilling to return to the school, Lupin made his way to the lake, to walk its shores and watch the wind ripple its surface.

Hello, Mr. Squid. Seen any ravenous wolf-monsters lately? No? Well, if you do, please don't hesitate to let me know.

He shook his head and continued on. You get strange if you're alone too long, you know that?

Perhaps he should have taken Sirius along, but Padfoot had his own problems and was currently plagued with all manner of advice from Healers, according to Harry.

Eventually, Remus found himself on the southernmost reaches of the lake. He weighed his options: go into town and visit the pub, or return home. Too many people, either way. But it was getting too chill to continue out here ... Bill's cabin. "Hey, Bill, spare a drop of ale for a broken-down old friend?"

He smiled to himself and nodded, decision made..
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