William Weasley (broken_weasley) wrote in __lightning__,
William Weasley

Bill, Charlie, Gabby and Luna -- Femme Fatale -- Complete

Monday, Monday, can't trust that day.
Monday, March 20th -- Late Afternoon

"Thanks for coming out with me, Charlie. I'd hate to think Gabby went to all that trouble with her loan only to get screwed over by the idiots working on her shop."

Bill gestured toward the store front of Femme Fatale before heading around back. Even though Gabby had told him to come in through the alley, he still felt a little hesitant about just walking in.

He took a deep breath, sent up a silent prayer that there wouldn't be anything mysteriously frilly hanging out in plain sight and opened the door.

"Princess? We're here."
Tags: bill_weasley, charlie_weasley, gabrielle_delacour, luna_lovegood
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