Draco Malfoy (sneering_malfoy) wrote in __lightning__,
Draco Malfoy

Draco and Seamus ~ Seamus' Flat ~ Complete

Er - Surprise?
Monday, March 20 ~ Afternoon

Draco nodded with satisfaction as he viewed the finished room. He had found out only after the fact that Friday had been Seamus' birthday and upon recalling the conversation they'd had, he'd known just the thing. The only thing left had been to wait until the man went out and Draco could get into his flat. Well, that and evicting the previous tenant of the adjacent flat in order to take the needed space.

Draco made sure the items they had discussed were properly set out and charmed, ignoring the voice telling him it was a shame to let all these preparations go to waste. Reaching for the handle of the door out of the flat he froze as it turned itself under his hand.

This could be bad. Or very, very good.
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