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Ron& Hermione - Her Private Quarters in Hogwarts - Incomplete

Take Me Out To See Quidditch, Take Me Out To The Crowd...

Tuesday, March 14th - Evening

Hermione tried not to wear a hole in the rug as she paced back and forth, half-starkers, in front of the closet in her personal quarters. She had three minutes left to find something to wear before Ron would be at her door to pick her up for the Quidditch game. The problem was, should she dress in something a little less than her usual reserve for a date or dress in super-comfy-casual so as not to let on that she had feelings for him?

She tried to think back to the way he had asked her about this evening. The trouble was, he hadn't made it sound like a date...or had he? Hermione grunted at the selection in her closet and rested her head agaist the closet door jam in an exhausted thud. A half-second later, two additional thuds sounded from the other room. To Hermione's despair, she realized that it was Ron knocking. He was early!

"Just a moment!" She called, quickly wrapping a dressing robe around her so she could open the door without giving Ron a free peep show.

"Hi," Hermione said, a little breathlessly as she opened the door. Seeing how Ron was dressed helped. "Have a seat, I'll be out in a moment. Promise."

She sprinted back into her bed chamber and brushed the door closed behind her. This will have to do. She thought to herself as she pulled out a pair of muggle jeans and a somewhat flirty lace up top. Throwing them on and giving her hair a quick batting whilst scrutinizing herself in the mirror. Ron's voice called her back to her wits.

She rushed out into the main room. "Sorry? I missed that."
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