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Molly and Charlie ~ Owl Post from The Burrow to Romania ~ Complete

Empty Nest
Monday, March 13th, Noon

My dearest Charlie,

I do wish you'd come see us for a while. We all miss you so.

Bill especially could use his brothers support. He's engaged to Gabrielle Delacour, yes Fleur Delacour's sister. I was a bit taken back by the news, your father found out through a friend of his that works at Gringotts as well. They haven't told her family yet, are trying to keep the news hush-hush until they figure out how to break it. Perhaps if you knocked some sense into him I could finally get one of my boys wed!

Has Ginny written you lately? She came back and seems happily settled with the idea of teaching art classes, Harry's going to give her a room in a school he's opening to teach adults DADA. I suppose she's happy that she'll get to see Severus every day, I'm slowly coming around to the fact that he seems to make her happy. She's young and not ready to settle down with him at least. Though it wouldn't surprise me if she only told us after the fact.

Packing yet?

Fred and George... I almost think I'm better off not knowing what they're up to. Your brothers never tell me anything! Percy....

Your father and I are busily running the Three Broomsticks. The poor dear, working all day long at the Ministry then coming to help me. I'm a bit worried that he's going to collapse in exhaustion, but then again we aren't getting any younger. Some slow down is to be expected. Though he was rather energetic last night!

Write back soon and tell me all about your exciting life so far away. Maybe a photo if it isn't to much of a bother? I want to see if you've changed! Better than that you could come see us?

Love always,

Your poor lonely Mum
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