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Bellatrix and Narcissa ~ Malfoy Manor ~ Complete

Reward For Return Of Black Puppy
Friday, March 10th ~ Morning

After rising and dressing Narcissa was sitting in front of her dressing table arranging her hair. This was the time of day when she mentally reviewed what needed to be 'done' or arranged. She glanced sideways and noted that the elf she used to assist her wasn't where it was supposed to be.

Odd. She's usually almost too eager. It is far earlier than what I normally rise, but not unprecidented.

A small frown appeared before it was banished as the final hair was smoothed into place. Rising from the chair she turned and surveyed her bedchamber. There were no elves in sight. At all.

Very odd. Bella can't have done anything with them, she's still on the potion. Sirius? What would he need with them all?

Leaving her rooms, Narcissa moved down the hall and noted there still wasn't an elf in sight. Raising her hand to knock, she schooled her features into a pleasant expression. When there was no answer, she knocked again and finally opened the door and walked inside.

The bed was mussed, a few articles of clothing on a chair, but there was nothing out of the ordinary. She avoided looking at the blinds on the windows, not wanting to be caught with an expression of distaste on her face if he was by chance in the bath.

"Sirius? Are you ill?"

Calling for an elf, because she really didn't want to find a naked Sirius passed out in the bathtub, Narcissa waited. When it appeared one of her brows rose as she noted it was wringing its hands.

Why? I haven't indicated any displeasure - yet.

She instructed it to check the bathroom for Sirius and when it didn't move, but fell to its knees instead her eyes narrowed. If its ramblings were to be believed, Sirius was no longer in the Manor or on the property. Controlling the urge to bash the ugly creature in the head, Narcissa remained outwardly calm, knowing that the amount of information she'd receive from its limited brain would decrease the more it was upset.

Later walking down the hall toward Bella's room, she mulled over what it had told her.

Draco must still be angry over the little matchmaking I did. Perhaps this show of defiance will have gotten it out of his system. Bella will be displeased, but at least she won't have to stay on the potion any longer.

Knocking gently on her sister's bedchamber door, Narcissa allowed herself a small sigh.

The lengths I have to go to for my family.
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