Draco Malfoy (sneering_malfoy) wrote in __lightning__,
Draco Malfoy

Draco, Sirius, Bill, Harry and Remus ~ Malfoy Manor to Glen Hollow ~ Complete

Escape From The Manor
Thursday, March 9th ~ Late Evening to Early Morning Hours

Draco had lost his bloody mind. That was the only explanation he had as to why he was skulking through the Manor peeking in the guest suites while Potty, Lupin and Weasley waited a short distance outside the gates. 'Hurry Draco!' Like I'd grab him and pop downstairs for tea before leaving!


Draco frowned as he left another empty room. Surely he's not in the dungeons with all the press about the case? Spotting a sliver of light down the hall from a slightly ajar door down the hallway, Draco slipped quietly over to peek in.

Don't let me see Aunt Bella naked, I don't think I'd recover.
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