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Various ~ WWN Live Broadcast From The Streets Of Hogsmeade ~ MA ~ Complete

"I Don't Give A Damn What Your Job Description Is, Witherpool. This. Is. My. Story!"
Wednesday, March 8th ~ Mid Afternoon

Rita looked up and down the busy street, moved over to a pleasant looking women and snatched the microphone out of her hands. "Damn it, Anastasia! This is my story! I spent the night under that table with their smelly feet - although the view wasn't bad - I deserve this! Shoo!"

Bumping the shocked woman aside, Rita smiled at the crowd and turned on the mic. "Good afternoon to all our listeners! Rita Skeeter here with a special live fuck, I hope very lively broadcast from Hogsmeade! As you may all recall, last night The Three Broomsticks held a poker tournament exclusive to men. Like I was about to stay away from that! Well ladies, it seems they have decided to make it up to us!"

Rita paused and held up the microphone as the people on the streets - largely women - cheered.

"We are standing by now too many fucking people out here. You! Take off that hat and move out of my way or I'll set it on fire atop your head! on the streets of Hogsmeade, waiting for last nights players to emerge. I'll reserve judgment on whether to call them the losers or big winners until after. The men, apparently not satisfied with the risk at hand during their game thank gods for testosterone, made a rather naughty wager. All of last night's participants, excluding the grand winner, will be streaking around the town on brooms! I hope they thought to use some type of wind shearing charm with the way their cocks will be flapping about. Gods, I love my job! You miss so much as one single streaker and I'll kill you! You did bring enough film right? Oh look - Who hired him? Malfoy.. He'll have hired the best one available, I'll have to see if I can get a copy of those prints as well.

"Stay tuned as I fill you in on all the juicy details and knock out of my way interview this salacious crowd." Whistles could be heard to pierce the airwaves as a stripper theme started to play.

Faintly in the background, Zeke could be heard back at the studio. "You've got to be kidding me. Stand by on the censors. What the hell were they thinking sending her? It's like plunking down a pixie dust addict unsupervised in the middle of a supplier's cache. I hope someone else is planning to go scrape her drooling corpse up when this is over."
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