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Ginny & Severus ~ Ginny's Flat ~ Mature Audiences ~ Complete

"NOBODY expects the Spanish Inquisition!"
~Monty Python
March 1, 2006 ~ Late

Yawning deeply, Ginny blinked hard before opening the door to her flat.

Another Weasley Family birthday out of the way.

With her family being as large as it was, there was always something right around the corner, another gift to buy, another party to plan or attend. At least it was Ron's this time around, which always proved to be - interesting.

It had been a long day to begin with. Starting at the new studio space, setting up, working out the details, and generally panicking that the school was opening soon. No matter how much time and effort she put into it, she constantly felt behind schedule and under-qualified for trying to have her shite together.

There was no time to come home after that, being that her big brother just had to be born when he was. She barely made it to the party on time and had stayed later than she wanted. She had thought about owling Severus, if he had agreed to go,he would have at least been a good reason to cut out early. But she thought better of it. Why bother making him come up with a good reason not to go? Might as well let him off the hook.

But now - it was late, she was home, and her nice, comfy bed was calling to her as she stepped through the door.

It was going to have to go unanswered, however. Tonight, she had unexpected company.

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