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Sirius and Narcissa ~ Malfoy Manor ~ Complete

The Puppy Is Found.
Wednesday, March 1st ~ Late Afternoon

How was it possible for Bella and the Dark Lord to bring him back? We may never know now. He is dead and she is - what she is and probably will always be.

Pleasantly surprised, Narcissa looked at the unconscious man that was laying on the settee. His clothes would need to be burned, the hair tamed and a bit of weight put on him before he was presentable, but the fact that he was alive and in one piece was amazing. Turning in the direction of the two men responsible for depositing their burden on her settee, Narcissa raised her chin.

"That will be all for today. You may expect adequate compensation in the normal manner as long as these proceedings remain between us."

Nodding their heads the two gentlemen left as quickly as they could.

Lumbering oafs. They left black marks on the tile in the foyer.

Sniffing her disdain, Narcissa's attention turned back to the man so unceremoniously dumped before ordering a full tea tray to be brought in from one of the hovering elves.

Such fuss over one such as this.

From what she had been told most of his memory still seemed to be blocked or missing. This could work to her advantage as long as just enough remained to make him mailable. Narcissa forced herself to touch the clothing on his arm, shaking it gently while adopting a concerned expression on her face.

"Sirius? Can you hear me?"
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