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Narcissa ~ Malfoy Manor ~ Owl to Severus Snape ~ Complete

The Consequences Of Our Crimes Long Survive Their Commission,
And Like The Ghosts Of The Murdered,
Forever Haunt The Steps Of The Malefactor.
~ Sir Walter Scott ~
Monday, February 27th ~ Morning

Unwilling to turn the information her sister had given over to the soliciters, Narcissa had begun instructing a few of the more resourceful lackeys employees she had used over the years.

If Bella's ramblings do have a basis in reality the soliciters can be informed at the proper time.

If he's found and presented, I'll have to make sure that she doesn't expound on where he was located. It would be much more advantageous to our cause if the question of him being behind the veil at all was brought into play. 'What other lies were used to discredit her? To railroad an innocent woman into Azkaban?'

But how to ensure her cooperation?

Narcissa was stymied for a short time as different pleas she could use on her sister came to mind and discarded just as easily.

She didn't recant the Longbottom issue, why would she worry about anything to do with him?

Her head rose as her eyes narrowed.

He owes me. The fiasco with Draco. An antidote was made when there shouldn't have been one available. It would have worked except for that one small mistake on his part. I will require something to make her 'docile' even if the dog isn't found and he will provide it.

Pulling a piece of Malfoy stationery toward her, Narcissa smiled grimly and consulted the ancient potions volume she had referenced before. Finding one that would be adequate took only a moment.

I think I shall leave out whom it's intended for. I don't know that he would try and poison her, but I can't take the chance.

Dear Severus,

Since our last collaborative effort was a disaster, I wanted to assure you that the blame for the failure of the incident has been put into perspective. While I can't say I am pleased at the outcome, future efforts on your behalf will go a long way in making that a distant memory.

I also discovered that our old friend - Hammersmith - isn't ninety, he's one hundred and twenty-six. Isn't that amazing? I trust you'll give him the consideration he's due.

Until I see you again,

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