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Ron, Draco, Bill and Harry ~ Glen Hollow ~ Complete

No, You May Not Break The Pool Cues Over Each Others Heads.
Friday, February 24th ~ Evening

Harry had invited Ron over to play some pool. He'd enjoyed the evening at the pub the other night, but missed having a chance to just talk. Since Harry'd started seeing Daphne, their normal activities had ground to a halt. After they had a quick dinner, Harry rose from the table and headed toward the den.

"I've just got a quick owl to send, Ron, if you want to head upstairs and set up the first game. There should be plenty of soda or ale in the small fridge up there if you want anything."

Pulling a blank sheet of parchment toward him, Harry grinned as he quickly wrote out a note.


Here are some business cards I'm sure you're gonna love.


He sent them and the next to last pack of cards off with Hedwig and chuckled. Harry'd taken the time to add the charms to Draco's that he and Remus had discussed a few days prior, but had made sure to have a totally black set prepared for Draco too.

I almost wish I could be there when he tries to change the color, but I don't think I want to die today.
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