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Rose Zeller

Rose and Viktor -- Rose's flat -- MA -- Incomplete

"Truths and roses have thorns about them"
~Henry David Thoreau
Friday, February 24th -- Early Evening

Rose had been napping on her couch, curled into a ball under a warm blanket when she heard the knock on her door. Stretching, she gave the door an irritated look. This was her sleep time and she almost considered ignoring the knock, but knew that visitors were rare so she should probably answer it, it seemed to make sense in her sleepy state.

Stretching, she called out, "Coming." before running a hand through the her hair. Standing up on her tip toes to see through her peephole, Rose saw -- Viktor!

The slowness of sleep gone, she scrambled quickly over to the counter. Snatching her wand, Rose cast a breath freshening charm on herself. She ran her hands once more through her hair before opening the door.

"Hello Viktor," her smile dropped as she saw the expression on his face and hers turned to one of concern. "Is everything alright?" Not another student. She held the door open in a silent invite for him to come in.
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