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Daphne and Harry ~ Un Peu de Ciel to London to Glen Hollow ~ Complete

My Candle Burns At Both Ends
It Will Not Last The Night;
But Ah, My Foes, And Oh, My Friends -
It Gives A Lovely Light.
~ Edna St. Vincent Millay ~
Sunday, February 19th ~ Late Afternoon

If he'd stopped to think about it, Harry would have been worried. Very worried. He was in a wonderful mood and with the recent troubles at Hogwarts, he shouldn't have been. Part of it was perhaps the deep down gut feeling that it wasn't an animal attack. It would have made life too simple, too pleasant for that to happen. Harry had accepted a long time ago that normal wasn't a word that he was destined to become real familiar with. Probably about the time that Hagrid first showed up and announced he was a wizard.

Right now, he didn't know for sure and wasn't going to worry about it until it slapped him upside the head and made him pay attention. Which was probably why he had delayed in taking Remus the business cards for the school. He was in love, the lady loved him and Snape was safely relegated to a back corner of his mind.

I'll take them to him on Monday or Tuesday. Today... is ours and ours alone.

Apparating to the restaurant, Harry winked at Becky before telling her that he didn't need a table only the owner and that he would find her on his own. Knocking briefly on the office door, he didn't wait for an answer before opening it. Seeing Daphne inside he grinned and asked, "Care to go for a spin on my... motorcycle?"
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