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Neville, Ginny and Luna at Neville's New Flat (incomplete)

A Man, Two Women, and a Few (Hundred) Boxes
Febuary 18, 2006 - midmorning.

Neville unshrunk his last few boxes, sitting back among the self-made walls around him. They surrounded him in his upper flat, making a maze of the two-bedroom and the hallways, open kitchen, and sitting room. They nearly reached the celing, stacked around him.

How could he accumulated so much... stuff? Where had all this come from?

He was sure that at least half of the boxes were books, gathered from childhood, Hogwarts, mediwizard school and beyond. He was also pretty sure that the ones in the kitchen held dishes, the ones in the bedroom held clothes, and the ones in the hallway...

What did they hold again?

Neville leant back against a shaky wall of boxes. One of these held shrunken furniture, but he'd have to move all these other boxes before he could even think of unpacking furniture.

Hopefully Ginny and Luna would show up soon and help him. Neville needed help.
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