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Daphne Diane (Greengrass) Potter

Harry, Daphne and Severus ~*~ Glen Hollow ~*~ Complete

Tis plain that there is not in nature a point of stability to be found:
everything either ascends or declines. When wars are ended abroad,
sedition begins at home, and when men are freed from fighting for necessity,
they quarrel through ambition.

-- Sir Walter Scott
Thursday, February 16th ~*~ Afternoon

The telly continued to play long after Daphne had stopped paying attention.

She'd dropped in for a visit between her morning baking at the restaurant and the shift she'd have to take that night, hoping to spend a few hours with Harry during the afternoon. Normally she would have stayed at work the entire day but the thrill of newly shared love and all that other romantic gibberish which basically boiled down to "Daphne had the hots for Harry" made her risk playing hookie during the much less busy afternoon hours.

A movie in the telly room had been suggested and sitting next to each other on the couch had led to cuddling, to kissing and eventually to their present state. Daphne was on his lap, knees on either side of his hips as she straddled him. Her fingers were buried in his hair and her mouth was tormenting his ear lobe as the sounds of "Blazing Saddles" played behind her.

I'm never going to actually watch that movie again, am I?
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