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Daphne and Harry ~ Black Orchid Hotel ~ MA ~ Complete

The greatest weakness of all is the great fear of appearing weak.
~ Jacques Benigne Bossuet ~
Wednesday, February 15th ~ Just after midnight

I'm gonna kill that little Ferret if it's the last thing I do.

Harry really didn't mean it, but in his worst nightmares he'd never imagined circumstances like these to try and make up with Daphne. Draco had returned with two bottles of champagne, grumbling about a staff member reporting a room in the hotel someone had placed a ward on. What made Harry's eyebrows rise was the additional information that there was apparently a woman on the other side of the door yelling. Asking Draco why the hell he didn't take care of it, the other man had sneered at him slightly, called him an idiot and said something about rescuing damsels in distress not being part of his job description.

Bastard knew I'd fall for it and here we are.

The shock of seeing Daphne in the room had served to make him freeze upon entering the room. Just long enough for Draco to Accio the wand from his hand and apparently Daphne's as well.

Wait. What happened to the bloody escort? I wouldn't put it past Draco to have arranged this whole thing just to be able to have something to blackmail me with later. I'll make him dig a hole with his bare hands to bury the damned body if he did. Get his hair and clothes nice and muddy. Then I'll take photos and hand them out for bloody Christmas presents.

Soooo, how do I begin.

"Daph? It appears that one-soon-to-be-deceased-Ferret has played yet another little joke on us and locked the door from the outside. Is there anyone else in here that he might have forgotten to take their wand?" Harry asked, turning away from it while releasing the stubborn doorknob-from-hell-that-refused-to-open. He'd run to the door watching it slam shut almost in his face. Draco apparently was still as good with his wand as he'd ever been, as it had been warded and locked in a heartbeat.

Very unlikely, but an easy way to find out if I have to go look behind the curtains or anything for Nott. Better be fully dressed and not under the fucking bed if he is.
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