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Hermione~Hogwart's--Hermione's Quarters~Complete

Best Laid Plans
Monday, February 13~ Late Evening

Hermione exhaled a deep breath and tried to wipe her mind clean. She tried to focus on the cool comfort of the bedsheets. Despite the stressfulness of her first day back, it felt good to be back at Hogwarts--in her quarters, in her own bed-- home was here now. It used to be that when she went home to visit her parents that she could still be a child and that their home could be hers, that feeling had long since disappeared. So much had happened over the past few months; her father's cancer and surgeries. Living so long in the magical world she had almost forgotten how fragile muggle life could be. If only modern magic could do cure cancer, then she could do something more. She had just felt so helpless. Thank goodness he seemed to be recovering well after the last surgery. Time had dragged on so slowly-- as if all her past days with the time turner had finally caught up with her. Though it felt good to be back, here, in her bed, she suddenly felt very lonely.
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