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Sometimes Things Should Never Be Found.
Monday, February 13th - Mid-Morning

There was no way to know how long the children had been missing. One of Maria Rufford's dorm mates had alerted Sprout early this morning that Maria hadn't come to bed that night. That in itself wasn't terribly worrisome as children had been known to fall asleep in an alcove studying or get mysteriously stuck in a room as the castle settled for the night.

Then someone chimed in that Thadeus Harper was also missing.

Two teens out all night was more of a "finger wagging, let's have a word with your parents" offense than a reason to panic.

That was until all the usual places were searched, portraits and ghosts questioned, greenhouses inspected - and nothing. Not a sign.

After breakfast, when their places were still empty, that's when the worry started.

It was Hagrid who found them.

His lower lip trembled as he fell to his knees beside the bodies on the pitch, tears beginning to stream down his cheeks. He reached out and his hand hovered over one of poor Maria's. Her hand was untouched, the skin still whole. Somehow that made the rest of the carnage all the more obscene.

A deep, guttural cry of outrage and pain erupted from the half-giant's throat. After a moment he remembered where he was, where they were. His coat was removed and carefully draped over the two bodies, so close together and lovingly arranged.

He wiped the tears from his face and stumbled toward the castle, stopping one student - a seventh year Gryffindor - and demanding the boy fetch the Headmistress. There was no way Hagrid was going to let anyone else near the field. Those two children didn't deserve to be on display like that.

"No, sir."
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