Rose Zeller (reticent_rose_) wrote in __lightning__,
Rose Zeller

Rose, Hagrid, Izabel, Remus -- Hogwarts -- Incomplete

Tea and Such
Sunday, February 5th, Early Afternoon

Rose walked on the path to Hogwarts, she was on her way to visit Hagrid, who didn't really know she was coming. Rose's steps faltered as she began to think she really should have sent an owl first. What if he isn't there? Wait... where else would Hagrid be? This thought comforted her, after all if he wasn't at his hut he'd probably be at the castle.

Still, she thought as she approached Hagrid's hut, I really should remember to owl people instead of just showing up as a surprise. Raising her hand, Rose knocked on Hagrid's door and waited nervously.
Tags: hagrid, izabel_sinistra, remus_lupin, rose_zeller
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