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Izabel, Luna, Viktor and Adrian ~ Hogwarts ~ Complete

When Thinking About Companions Gone, We Feel Ourselves Doubly alone.
~ Sir Walter Scott ~
Sunday, February 5th ~ Afternoon

Standing at the gates, Luna looked up at the castle while holding herself. The echos of those days, over five years ago seemed to start as soon as she saw the building. It looked alright to her eyes, but her spirit still felt the wounds. Hogsmeade - was different. It had been a place to visit and have fun. Its destruction had been more complete, it was true, but that hadn't been home like this ancient structure before her. The house with her father had never felt right after her mother died and while Luna knew he loved her, it hadn't been enough. The feeling of family had come back here, with those few friends that had accepted her for what she was and could never be.

It's a good thing I wasn't sorted into Gryffindor. I never would have made it.

Ginny - I could never be as brave and strong as she is on my own. I wonder if she knows how terrified I was? She didn't act like it at all and that snake thing. Oh, gods. I think I would have died on the spot.

Glancing down at her feet that refused to obey her, a small smile lifted the corner of her mouth at last.

Feet? Be you moving? and the sounds of the students finally overrode the echos of the past and allowed her to move forward.
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