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Daphne and Diane Greengrass ~*~ Owls ~*~ Complete

Stop being a twit, dear.
Thursday, February 2nd ~*~ Morning

Owl to Daphne Greengrass

My Little Daisy,

Yet again you have disappeared without a word. This is becoming a rather nasty habit of late and I must insist it stop. I should have invested in a charm school, I see.

You can imagine my relief upon discovering that you were not, in fact, dying in that room you call a home. However, since I am aware that you are not dead or dying I can not deduce why you have not seen fit to owl me, your very own mother, to tell me where you are. Again.

There had better be a very, very good explanation. "I can't tell you" is not going to be enough this time.

Love, as always,

Your Mother


Owl to Diane Greengrass


I'm in London, which you well known since you knew exactly where to send My owl to find me. Who told you, was it Mrs Martin? Damn busy body.

I needed some time away from everything. Harry and I had an awful row.


P.S. Mum, stop calling me Daisy. I out grew that pet name before I left for Hogwarts.



Mrs Martin is a dear family friend, of course she mentioned seeing my daughter in London. And thank goodness she did or I wouldn't know where you were hiding.

So you and your beau had a fight. These things happen. He'll bring you flowers, you forgive him and move on. Unless he hurt you. Did he hurt you? We know people who know people who know - things. If he hurt you, he will suffer.

Anything else and you need to learn to forgive, love. How else do you think I made it through all those years of marriage to your father. What did he do that was so horrible? I'm assuming he did something and not my precious little Daisy because I am a good mother who knows her daughter can do no wrong.

Sarcasm is not limited to the House of the Snake, you realize.




He paid off the loan for the restaurant. As a surprise.








And nothing. That's it. He paid off my loan, without even bothering to talk to me about it first. And then seems all pleased with himself about it too.



Daphne Diane Greengrass,

I raised you better than that.

For that you run off without a word for days?

Get your rear back home and stop being such a child. Your beau gave you a gift. He's a man, he probably thought he was doing something good.

Come home and see me, I am tired of holding this conversation via your poor overworked owl.

Your Mother who is quite displeased with you

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