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Ginny & Neville ~ Ginny's Flat ~ Complete

Moving Day
Tuesday, January 24th ~ Afternoon

Molly had sighed and not said much else. For that, Ginny was grateful. Things had been strained at best between her and her Mum ever since the night she found out about Ginny's relationship with Severus. There were few words exchanged, but rather a lot of sniffles, sighs, and extra shifts at The Three Broomsticks from Molly. Apparently, Molly Weasley's answer to keeping her daughter away from Severus Snape was to keep her as busy as possible and shower her with silent guilt every possible moment she could.

The flat was more than she could have ever hoped for and the fact that she was able to move in right away made it all the better. An owl to Neville and she had an extra wand for levitating boxes and the company of a good friend for moving day.

Being that she was still pretty much packed up from the return trip from Paris, shrinking the boxes and getting them to the flat was relatively easy. Now that they were piled up in the middle of her new place, back to normal size, the hard part was about to begin - unpacking.

Ginny leaned against a wall and sunk to the floor, looking at the tower of cardboard before her.

"Nev, when did I get so much stuff?"
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