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Narcissa and Daphne ~ Malfoy Manor and Daphne's Flat ~ Complete

Oh What A Tangled Web We Weave,
When First We Practice To Deceive.
~ Sir Walter Scott ~
Tuesday, January 24th ~ Morning

I was sure that Draco and Potter would - well Draco at least would have contacted me by now. Unless that stupid Gryffidor is dense enough to try and fight the potion.

Moving over to her desk, Narcissa ripped open the latest reports that had been delivered that morning. What she read didn't please her. Not at all. If Lucius was going to be released soon, this situation had to be taken care of before that occurred.

He's still seeing the Greengrass wench.

The potion - Severus made it - it can't have failed. I wonder if she's using something equally as - subtle to keep him at her side?

What could persuade her -

A satisfied smile curved her mouth as a plain piece of parchment was pulled from a special drawer in the desk. Her nose wrinkled lightly as she took in the rough texture and ragged edges.

I realize the commoners can't afford the best - but this is positively barbaric.

The scorn didn't stop her from drawing a special quill that disguised handwriting as she set to her task.

Miss Daphne,

My mates and I know what you've been doing. Your poor Da would be ever so upset. Since he's in his grave and unable to see to your guidance, we've taken it upon ourselves to do what we know he would do. If'en you don't quit seeing that Potter bloke, we'll have to make sure he's not around for you to see any longer. Even if he hadn't killed our Lord, he's not a Pureblood and not good enough for the likes of you.

Friends of your Da

Sealing it with a uneven blob of cheap wax, Narcissa sent it off with one of the common barn owls kept just for that purpose.
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