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Draco and Harry ~ Draco's Penthouse ~ Complete

How Much Do We Lose When We Fear To Lose Anything?
~ Howard J. Lancet ~
Friday, January 20th ~ Afternoon

Sleep was something that Harry hadn't managed to find the last couple of days without wearing himself out. It showed in his face, a deep tiredness that he hadn't experienced for a couple of years. The hair on his head, if possible, was wilder than ever since he had no patience in dealing with it at all since he'd had 'The Dream'. He still had no idea what if anything he would tell Daphne. All his energies and thoughts kept pulling him back to the questions that plagued him about Draco.

Knowing that the other man wasn't exactly a morning person, kept him away until the afternoon. Plus the possibility that Draco would have one of the 'pretty boy toys' in his bed. Harry felt a twinge just thinking about that.

Fuck. If there's someone there with him - I'll never get this out and I'll have to try another day.

Deciding he'd stalled long enough, Harry made himself knock on the door.
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