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This Will Never Do
Saturday, January 7th ~ Late Evening

Shuffling through the reports that had been delivered, Narcissa sorted them and then began reading.

No trace of a child - so either the Weasley cow is totally demented or Draco is more resourceful than I realized. The 'shower' could still be useful either way. The interaction between Potter and Draco was somewhat restrained here - so it will give me an opportunity to observe how they react to each other in a - normal setting.

Picking up the next stack of papers, her eyebrows rose as she read of the various women Potter had been involved with.

He flits from woman to woman much as Draco does with men. Very interesting - I wonder if deep down he's in denial as well? She continued to read and her eyes narrowed the farther she read.

This Greengrass person seems to be gaining his attention. Far enough that he's taking her to some sort of Hogwarts function this evening. This will never do. It can't be allowed to progress or Draco will never believe that Potter turned to him on his own. Greengrass - how do I know that name?

Narcissa stopped reading the investigator's reports long enough to pull a slim volume from one of the many hidden drawers in Lucius' desk and skimmed the names.

"Yes, there it is. One of the fringe associates that tried so hard to be - important. Interesting. Very interesting. I wonder if he's aware of her pathetic history?"

If she becomes too much of a threat - there could be a very disastrous 'accident' at that restaurant of hers. I've never heard of it - so the facilities have to be substandard.

In any case, I don't believe we have time to let this develop naturally,
Narcissa decided as she rose and walked to her own study. Pulling the small vial Severus had delivered, she studied the liquid inside.

Mr. Potter will be receiving much more than a few surprise gifts for a possible child during this shower. I will have to arrange a diversion.
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