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Daphne Diane (Greengrass) Potter

Harry and Daphne ~*~ Her Flat ~*~ Complete

Done this before, so why am I so nervous?
Saturday, January 7th ~*~ Early Evening

There was absolutely no reason why she had had to change her dress four times in the last hour. Daphne stared at her reflection in the mirror and debated changing once more when it hit her. "I'm an idiot."

This wasn't the first date evening she'd spent with Harry, yet she as nervous as she'd been the first time she'd agreed to take a walk after dinner with that seemingly sweet Hufflepuff boy in fifth year. Her first official date, and also her last for several months. Daphne's lips curled upward as she remembered his face but not his name, and how the evening had ended with a black eye for him and apologizes from her - it had been an accident, she hadn't mean to trip the poor man and that suit of armor was eventually put back together.

So why was she so nervous?

"I just don't want to make him regret asking me to go with him. Not after - the other - things." Daphne looked at her dress with a critical eye and had just reached for the zipper in the back when she heard the knock at her door.
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