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Narcissa, Draco, Snape and Harry ~ Malfoy Manor ~ Complete

Pre-strike Reconnaissance
Thursday, January 5th ~ Late Afternoon

The possibility of a child - that her child had never mentioned, drove Narcissa to move her plans forward. Exactly how took a little longer than she would have liked. An idea had occurred to her the night before while she was courting sleep. The morning sun found her searching her husband's desk once again and the satisfied glint in her eyes was the only clue she finally found what had taken her most of the day to find.

Calling one of the house elves in, she informed it that there should an ample dinner prepared as there was the possibility they would have guests.

"And for Merlin's sake - make sure the napkins are pressed properly this time. The one presented for my use last evening was a disgrace," she advised the shirking little beast that finally left.

Pulling her wand, Narcissa tapped the papers and spoke the spell that Lucius had taught her to unlock its secrets before sitting down in his chair. Her attention was caught for a moment when the fabric yielded a brief, teasing aroma of his scent.

Oh, my husband, went through her mind as eyes closed for a moment. One day. One day you will reclaim your rightful place in the world and we will be happy again.

The aroma faded and a small sigh left slightly parted lips as she opened her eyes. Dreams were good, but reality needed to be dealt with if her plan to make Draco happy had a chance to succeed. The diagrams and legends on the papers were skimmed and she finally found one entry that was harmless and would work in her scheme.

Rising she made her way to the corridors beneath the manor, calling for the torches to light. Following the carefully drawn map past blank walls of stone, Narcissa stopped after many twists and turns.

"It should be here," she murmured to herself and studied the words on the paper that would allow the concealed portal to be partially exposed. The stone shimmered and a rough wooden door was barely apparent, still under a spell that appeared to be damaged. Lucius had filled a few rooms with useless items that could be found if the manor was ever searched. Some of them contained a few prescribed items - never enough to cause a problem, but enough to satisfy even the most zealous Auror that something had to be found.

This will do wonderfully. A note from his worried, anxious mother that one of the elves has reported a door suddenly appearing where there had been only a wall before. Who knows just what could be behind it? Yes, that's an emergency that's civilized and workable. And dear, sweet Draco mustn't be allowed to venture into the unknown without assistance. Who would he call upon to assist? Why his old friend Potter. Perfect.

With one last glance at the 'emergency' Narcissa tapped the papers again to hide the contents and returned upstairs to write a proper note of panic for her son. Another was sent to Severus in case he wished to observe.
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