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Roman and his brides and many other people ~ Hiding / Glen Hollow ~ Complete

Revenge is a Dish Best Served Cold
Friday, December 30th - Early Morning

He didn't have enough strength to make it back to the house he'd been renting, and it would be far too easy for one of them to track him back to the house in his wounded state.

Roman settled for the woods. Deep in there was game to eat and darkness that even the brightest rays of the noon day sun couldn't penetrate.

A small deer met its end and Roman drank until he felt sick. Then he dug a hole and buried himself to heal and wait until it was safe to move again.

They won tonight, but the war is not over. Time is on my side. Rose, Daphne and Izabel will be mine.

I'll leave Hogsmeade, let the Ministry know where I am in London - where I've been this entire time as far as they know - and bide my time.

My Loves, I will return for you. You have my word.

With that Roman dulled his connection to the three women. He was loathe to do it, but if they could sense him the others could use that as a way to find him. Self-preservation was more important than monitoring his brides for the moment. He'd be able to find them again when the time was right.
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